Sunday, September 22, 2013

Treasure Box Success!

        Happy Sunday afternoon everyone (or whatever day and time it is when you see this).  I wanted to pop on just to share with you one of the things that I have implemented in my classroom.  Many teachers have a treasure box that they use for bribery behavior modification through positive reinforcement.  Inside your standard treasure box are many items like pencils, erasers, small trinkets, and even candy.  Mine usually depends on the items in the dollar section at Target and/or Dollar Tree goodies. 

        This year, however, I decided to add in things like sit at the teacher's desk for a day, choose any classroom job for the following week, chew sugar free gum all day (I provide two pieces.  One for before and one for after lunch-but no smacking, popping, etc...), choose a friend to have lunch in the classroom, and one or two others.  This has been a huge hit!  Not only are these items free, after all who doesn't have gum already in their purse, but I have learned even more about my kiddos. 

        Most of the kids have chosen to have lunch in the classroom with a friend.  One day I had to catch myself because the conversation I was privy to was hilarious and I didn't want my laughter to hurt anyone's feelings.  Two of my boys were discussing the strange noises that they hear at night.  One of my students is pretty sure that there is a ghost at his house because of the humming sound.  The other boy confirmed this theory and said that the ghost might be memorizing.  I looked over only to discover he was criss cross applesauce with his middle fingers touching thumbs (he meant meditating). 

        A few days later another student and a friend were eating in the room when the winner of the treat informed me that every time he was able to go to treasure box he was going to pick lunch with a friend and he was going to choose someone different so that everyone would have a chance.  Yup, I love that kid's heart!

        I wanted to share what's hoppin' in my class in case you were looking for something new to spice up your treasure box.  Thanks so much for reading and I hope your week is fantabulous!!!

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