Wednesday, November 11, 2015


          Back on November 2nd we began dividing using the standard algorithm (AKA long division).  Parents you are going to love, because this is the strategy that you are familiar with, however, it may be challenging for the students because unlike the multiplication strategies it is not a conceptual strategy.  In the student's math journal we put an entry color coding the steps.  I am hopeful that this colorful visual representation will help with the memorization of the steps.  Below you will see my entry.

          This will take some time for the students.  The best advice repeated practice.  You can print worksheets with 1-digit divisors and 2-, 3-, or 4-digit dividends for your child to practice.  Or you can make it a game by rolling dot cubes (dice) or flipping playing cards to create the problems.  Making it a game will be more fun and your child will stay engaged longer :-)

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