Monday, December 5, 2011

Richard Allington

        Last Thursday I had the opportunity to hear Richard Allington speak-for free!  He was the guest speaker at my district's monthly reading council meeting.  He was a trip.  While I did not agree with everything that he said, I did take several very valuable things away from the meeting.  The main topic of his speech was that poor readers need what good readers need.  He also mentioned six nonnegotiables that every child should experience/have access to every day.

        Every day every child . . .
  • will read something that they have selected
  • will reading something accurately (98% or higher)
  • will read something that they understand
  • will write about something that is meaningful to them
  • will talk to their peers about their reading and writing
  • will listen to a fluent adult read aloud
        When I thought about these six nonnegotiables and how they are applied in my own classroom I was pleased.  I hope you will be too when you think about your own students.

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