Saturday, February 4, 2012

100th DAY

        Help!  I need to know what you do for the 100th Day?!?  When I taught K and even 1st grade it was a HUGE deal, but in the intermediate grades . . . not so much.  Well I refuse to let the day just pass us by, that's crazy!  So, I would love to know what my fellow 3rd grade teachers do to celebrate the 100th day.  Please share : )


  1. We just had the 100th day! One activity related to math, is make as many hundreds combinations as you can, i.e 37+63 or 40+60. Then 100 spelling words spelling bee. Use wipe off boards, and give 100 past spelling words. Then 100 seconds activities, do things like run in place, stand completely still, statue pose (of their choice), or be completely silent. Hope these ideas help you!