Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh no! I might be a robot!?!

        I came to a very startling conclusion today and that's right, I think that I might be a robot!  I'm sure that right now you are thinking but Nicole wouldn't you have known before today and I have to admit that there have been signs previously but today . . . YIKES!  I tried several times to prove I was not a robot after trying to leave a comment on one of the awesome blogs and I was unable to match up the letter/number combination correctly.  Now I partly blame my inability to match up the correct letter/number combo. on the fact that "short" weeks tend to kick my b-u-t-t even at the beginning and of course it doesn't help that I have had NO caffeine today (not sure how/why that happened).  So maybe I'm not a robot but you know it's not a good thing when you are having trouble proving that you aren't one.  Here's hoping that you have better luck than I did.     


  1. I had the same difficulty yesterday!

    EmilyK (aka Mrs. Roboto)

  2. I have been having the same problem for weeks!! It has been driving me crazy. Apparently, we are all robots.

    The Teaching Thief