Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things :)

        Have you ever had one of those days where you thought, really?  Didn't I just say that two seconds ago? Or 500 times previously? Or something along those lines . . . well some days are like that.  And some days are just plain hilarious!  Over the past couple of weeks the kids in my class have said some very funny things.
        A couple of weeks ago one of my students was out of school for a few days.  When she arrived back at school I told her that we had missed her and were glad that she was back at school and I asked her why she had been absent.  She very politely told me that she had been absent because of politics.  I very hesitantly asked her what she meant.  She said you know I am allergic to that yellow stuff that is everywhere, you know politics.  She had very innocently combined the two words pollen and allergic and said she was out because of politics.
       Then two weeks ago it some how came up in conversation with another teacher that there was not anyone in our class would purposely hurt someone else's feelings.  She said, really?  I asked one of my students to vouch for me when the student said "Yeah, Mrs. Corbitt has brainwashed us.  We are better for it but she brainwashed us."  (This is apparently the reason why they are nice to one another according to this little boy anyway.)
        Finally last week we were talking about reading and creating timelines to document the important events in our lives and for the umpteenth time my students asked me if I had any kids.  My response was, not yet.  Then one boy said, "Don't ever have any.  They are aggravating!" 
        I hope you enjoyed the moments that made me giggle over the past few weeks.  Life is short so laugh hard and enjoy the funny moments in life :)


  1. Kids are the best part of the job!


  2. So funny. I think I'm definitely allergic to politics !:)


  3. Those were hilarious! Thanks for sharing. That would be a fun linky party. You should think about hosting one! :)