Friday, September 2, 2011

Dirt and Worms!

        This was another very busy week.  Today was especially exciting!  We started the day with our first flag raising of the school year.  We even had the opportunity to meet two of our Jacksonville Shark arena football players, which was extra cool since they are the national championship team!!!  Mrs. Walker and our two guests Shark players, Vladimir Richard and Marco Capozzoli all spoke about the importance of reading.  We also found out what our school book challenge for this year is and what Mrs. Walker's consequences will be WHEN we meet the goal.  This year's challenge is to read 85,000 books!  Thank you to everyone that has already begun doing their part by reading each night and working very diligently to write their book responses.  With everyone's help we will meet the goal.  When we meet the goal Mrs. Walker has agreed to have buckets of DIRT AND WORMS dumped on her head in honor of this year's school theme.  I definitely don't want to miss this!!!

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