Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New {School} Year's Resolutions . . . Link Up!

        As my summer vacation is quickly disappearing I began thinking about the ways I would like this year to be different from the previous nine.   Which is perfect timing to join Amanda's linky party!  The premise of this linky party is to make new school year's resolutions. So here are my resolutions/goals that I will be working toward during the 2012-2013 school year.

1.  Balance between work and home.  This was my only goal last year and I did OK with this, but I know that I can do better.  I want to be the "summer wife" all year round. 

2.  Better time management while at school.  I'm a chatty cathy at school during my planning/prep time (before school, during resources, and after school).  I need to use my planning/prep time for just that so that I can leave school at school and really be home when I am at home.

3.  Stay organized.  Every year my classroom is very organized (even the closet) at the beginning of the year, however, as time goes by the piles in my closet get out of control.  Whenever there is a visitor or a sub and I don't have time to put things away properly I shove the mess in the closet.  This year I want to keep even the closet clean.

        Wish me luck.  These three goals are important to me so I am going to focus on these first.  If all goes well I might add to the list.  If not these goals may roll over next year as well.  :)

        If you have resolutions/goals for the school year and you haven't linked up yet go ahead and do it!  It's fun to read about everyone's goals.  Just a warning though, try not to pick up too many resolutions from everyone else!


  1. Thanks for linking up to the party! Those seem to be the top 3 resolutions! Maybe we can all join together in BlogLand and use our teaching superpowers to help us accomplish them this year! :)

    Teaching Maddeness

  2. I talk to much too-especially when we 1st get back and I have so much catching up to do! :) I'm as bad as the kids-will just have to remind myself-stop talking and go do your work! Great resolutions!


  3. I waste all my planning time too!!! I blame it on the fact that I don't have a door and I hear everything, so I simply have to join the conversation, but really I just love to talk. Haha! We are a lot alike. :)

    The Teaching Thief