Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do you like to sing?

       Do you like to sing?  If you do, then you really need to check out this wonderful website that I was introduced to this morning by one of the fabulous blogs that I am following (thank you Third Grade Meanderings).  The website is and it is full of songs that are performed by a first grade teacher, Mr. Smith.  He has a wonderful approach to involving his students so that they are learning very important math skills but not in the boring skill and drill way.  This morning I was already trying to determine which songs that I thought might be beneficial to my third graders this year.  I know that sometimes place value, time, and money can be tricky . . . and the best news is he has songs for all of those concepts and much, much more!  So if you get a minute I would highly recommend that you check out Mr. Smith at You won't be sorry!!!

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