Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Music Already?

        Today as I was preparing to make my drive home I turned on the radio and to my surprise not one, but two radio stations were playing Christmas music.  I don't mean to sound all bah humbug or anything but seriously . . . it's only November 7th.  I love Christmas. I love the real meaning of Christmas.  I love the decorations.  I love shopping.  I love giving gifts.  I love getting gifts (is that OK to say? oh well).  I even love the Christmas music . . . but not on November 7th.  I think the reason why so many of us out there love Christmas music is because it is usually only around for a brief time.  Am I crazy? cranky? correct? Just curious what your thoughts on the subject are . . .   

1 comment:

  1. I agree! I love Thanksgiving! The turkey, the stuffing, the pie, and the thankful gratitude I feel for my family. It is sad that it gets overshadowed by Christmas.