Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am so Thankful!

        First let me say that I am so thankful for my class this year.  I have an awesome group of kids that are sweet to one another (and to me) and work hard.  This time of year, right before the Christmas craziness I like to really count my blessings and believe me they are numerous.  That all being said I want to tell you about an activity that we did today . . .
        Doris Young, from Third Grade Thinkers (if you don't know about her blog I would definitely check it out) blogged about some poetry that her kids wrote back on October 26th.  They wrote poems about fall and put them on pumpkins and had a poetry patch-too cute!!!  So I loved the idea and borrowed it.  Today we worked on thanksgiving poems.  We followed the same format that Doris Young outlines in her blog.  You start with Thanksgiving is . . . then the students think about a noun that reminds them of their topic and an adjective that describes their noun and then a verb (with -ing) that also goes along with the noun.  A fantastic review of those parts of speech : )
        Below you will see a couple of pictures from my kiddos' poems today.

        I wish I would have gotten pictures of all of the poems they were so cute!  I have to say though my favorite part of this entire activity was that one of my students asked if we could write poetry for every holiday-LOVE it!!!  So I think we will   : )

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  1. The kids seemed to work hard! Wonderful word choice... and I like seeing your blog, too. I am one of your subscribed readers. - Victoria :) (love4thgrade.blogspot.com)