Monday, June 24, 2013

Beautiful Jewelry, Beautiful Cause & Monday Made It! (sort of)

       Last week my church hosted VBS (vacation Bible school) and our mission project for the week was to help contribute supplies for The Apparent Project.  The Apparent Project is a wonderful organization that works to help keep Haitian families together.  Did you know that the majority of Haiti's "orphans" have not been orphaned by parental deaths, earthquakes, hurricanes, or floods?  Many of these children have living parent(s) who had to give up their children because they knew that an orphanage could feed their child and they could not.  This is heartbreaking!  This is when the founders of The Apparent Project stepped in and were able to find opportunities to help parents keep their children.  The artisans work to upcycle empty containers such as cereal boxes, cracker boxes, oil drums, and paper to create gorgeous jewelry, journals, and much more! 

        You can click HERE for a direct link to The Apparent Project website.  Once there you can read more about the company, find ways to help, shop, and so much more. 

        OK, so I know that I did not actually make anything for Monday Made It!  But I wanted to make sure that you had an opportunity to make a difference.

        Link up with Tara and 4th Grade Frolics for this week's installment of Monday Made It!  for many more awesome creations from the week!!!

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