Sunday, June 23, 2013

Looking for a Series (or two)

        Today as I was bumming around my house after church it hit me that I am in need of a good series or several different series of books that would be great for fourth graders.  I have the profound privilege of looping up with this year's class from third to fourth grade.  And I have a pretty nice classroom library.  I have had the opportunity to purchase a lot of really great books over the years, and had some great titles donated to me.  BUT-they were in my classroom library last year.  So this means that the majority of my class this year has already seen and possibly read a large chunk of the books.  On the super duper up side we have a terrific used books store with a really big children's chapter book section and I have been saving up to go shopping!  And shopping for books is my absolute most favorite thing to do!!!
       Therefore, I need a recommendation or two or twenty :)  If you have a series or even individual title that you think that fourth graders should/need/want to read please tell me!!!


  1. Hank Zipper is one that was recommended to me. If you have some higher readers, the Sister Grimm series is good. The girls in my class like the Dork Diaries, and though it looks like Diary of a Wimpy kid, it does use high level vocabulary.


    1. Thank you so much for your recommendations! I completely forgot about The Dork Diaries & Diary of a Wimpy Kid and am excited for the two new series. The Sisters Grimm was mentioned on either Thursday's Book Talk or Fiction Friday but now that I am hearing about it from you also I will definitely check it out! I have never heard of Hank Zipzer so I can't wait to see if it is a hidden/secret treasure. Thanks again!!!

    2. My 4th graders could not get enough the Geronimo Stilton books. My basket was always empty. They also enjoyed the following series:Candy Apple, Katie Kazoo, Judy Moody & Stink, Cabin Creek Mysteries, My Weird School, Underworlds, Ghosthunters, Series of Unfortunate Events, Spiderwick, Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson/Olympians series, Among the Hidden, Time Warp Trio, Vet Volunteers, and Sisters Grimm. They also loved the graphic novel series Bone and Amulet. Happy Book Shopping!!

      The Teaching Thief

    3. Thank you so much! There are some new series titles on your list that I can't wait to explore. You rock, thanks for sharing!!!