Thursday, June 20, 2013

How is it . . .?

        How is it that I can teach full time all year and not be as tired as teaching in VBS (vacation Bible school)?  We have had a BLAST as we journeyed through the Colossal Coaster World!  If your church uses this theme you will love it!  Here we are on day four and I think I need a nap.  I'm so confused.  I had the older group of kids (3rd-5th grade), only twenty kids, and three adults to help assist and I am plumb tuckered out.
        Also, I am falling behind on my reading.  I have completed one more of the SSYRA books on my list and about a third of the way through the second of this week's books.  Wish me luck I have some reading to do so that I can get my book reviews ready to link up with our two fabulous blogs that are hosting this summer's book talks.  If you get a chance please check out Andrea's Reading Toward the Stars (her book talk day is Thursday) and Amanda's The Teaching Thief (her book talk day is Friday-Fiction Fridays).

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  1. I think everything is just more exhausting during the summer. Even going to the pool takes it out of me. I come home and want to nap. I'm having to get caught up on my reading too. It's time to buckle down. I read the short books first. Hehe.

    The Teaching Thief