Sunday, January 22, 2012

How do you choose a book?

        My school is participating in "Celebrate Literacy Week" this week.  We will be reading lots of great books, helping log 20 million minutes of reading for the state of Florida, and then having a "Snuggle up with a Good Book" day on Friday.  I am super excited about wearing my pjs to school!  
        So with all of this rolling around in my head it got me thinking how I choose books to read (for me-not to the class).  I have a favorite author, Nicholas Sparks.  I LOVE his books!!!!!!  But, if I only read Nicholas Sparks books I would only read one book a year and that would not be acceptable for my students so it shouldn't be acceptable for me.  Every other book that I have read in the past couple of years has been because there was a movie that I wanted to see and the book is always better.  Seriously, I have read My Sister's Keeper, The Blind Side, The Help, and then on Friday I picked up Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.  I chose this book mostly because I love Sandra Bullock so I imagined I would like the movie and therefore, I will probably like the book-totally logical, right?  I say all of this to ask, how do you choose the books that you read in your free time?  I enjoy reading and honestly do not make enough time for "just for fun" reading.  I would love for any suggestions of great authors and/or books.

        Oops. . . I almost forgot the BIG FOX pdf for printing if you are interested.  Look over on the right hand side of my reading page, under the 25 Book Goal heading.  I know that doesn't exactly make sense for its placement but I am not using this strategy with my kiddos until next week. 

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