Saturday, March 10, 2012

Book Suggestion

        I mentioned a while back that I tend to read my "just for fun" books based on if/when Hollywood decides to make it into a movie.  I know that this is not the best way to choose books, but it works for me and because of my method I have found another great read.  Yesterday I read The Hunger Games.  When I first saw the preview I didn't think that it was a movie that I would necessarily like so I didn't rush to get the book but then three of my teacher friends read the book and recommended it.  It was definitely a page turner and now I am sitting with the next two books in the series sitting on my desk and I can't wait to dive in!  Lucky for me my spring break is right around the corner I just hope I can wait until next week.  Has anyone else read The Hunger Games? or any other must reads? 

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