Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stress Quote

        As I am getting ready to go into my last five school days before our annual state testing I wanted to share a stress quote that I came across this morning from an old copy of Reader's Digest (February 2010 to be exact).

        "Stress is like spice-in the right proportion, it enhances the flavor of a dish.  Too little produces a bland, dull meal; too much may choke you." -  Donald Tubesing, Kicking Your Stress Habits

        I am going to do my best to remember that while teaching is never dull, a little stress is not a bad thing.  My students and I have worked hard this year.  My kids have been taught everything that they need to know to be successful third graders and as successful third graders they should do well on the third grade test.  I hope that everyone out in blogland will also remember to be confident in their abilities and be able to trust their kids to show what they know!        

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