Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rock This Test!

        Courtney over at Miss Third Grade posted earlier this week an adorable testing song, Test Taking Face, which got me looking around YouTube for other videos/songs that I could show my students as we are entering the "testing season."  I found Rock This Test! which I also really liked and wanted to share with you.  You can watch it here:

        I am planning on trying as many different fun and encouraging things (songs, treats, etc. . .)  that I can think of to assure my students and calm any/all nervousness.  As 3rd graders my students know the importance of their test.  Interestingly enough 1/3 of my class will not even be 9 years old when they test-yikes that's crazy! 
        So I am wondering what else do you do for your kiddos to calm their nerves?  Do you have any great songs, raps, chants, poems, and/or stress relieving activities that you have found helpful with your students?  If so, please share!!!

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