Saturday, May 19, 2012

Out of This World

        My school's theme for next year has been decided and it will be "Out of This World!"  I myself have held on to my froggy theme ever since its accidentally creation (long story) nine years ago; therefore, I will have a frog in space type motif next year.  See my friend below :)
        My question out there for you in blog-land is do you recommend any space related read alouds?  I know that I want to read as many of the S.S.Y.R.A. books to my class as possible but I would also like to embrace the school's theme.  I have a short biography on Mae Jemison and a couple of nonfiction space books but I'm looking for a "Hey, you really gotta read this to your class!" kind of book so if you know of one please do share the title (and author if you know it) and I will be so thankful!!!  Thanks so much in advance for your suggestions and Happy Saturday!!!

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