Thursday, July 18, 2013


        I absolutely love birthdays!  My husband teases me that I don't have a birthDAY I have a birth week because the occasion is a little energizer bunny-ish, it keeps going and going :)  I can't help it.  I love my birthday.  I always have. 

        When I was little the anniversary of my town's establishment was celebrated around my birthday.  They had a huge festival with a parade and booths, etc... and I honestly thought the party was for me.  I'm pretty sure someone said jokingly that the party was for me and I took it seriously. 

        One more birthday story.  My Gramma and Papa (the same grandmother that took me back to school shopping last week) always put the same number of one dollar bills in our birthday card to match the number of years old we were.  Apparently when I was like 5-ish I said, "I can't wait until I turn 100."  This "adorable" story is repeated every year. 

        Right now you are probably thinking goodness gracious what's with all the birthday talk her birthday is still three months away.  And you are right.  This post is to celebrate Miss Third Grade's Blog's 2nd birthday.  Yes, her blog is two years old.  And in honor of the occasion she is giving away not one but two birthday hats!  I really think that the hat is super cute and I want you to have an opportunity to win it.  Although secretly I'm hoping to win it.  :)   So, if you would like a chance to win an awesome birthday hat for yourself or your classroom-no judgment here, head on over to her blog and enter her give away.  Click the hat to go to Miss Third Grade's blog.

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  1. Very cute stories! I'm not big into my birthday so it's fun to feel your enthusiasm.

    By the way, did you know that you are a “no reply blogger?” This means that when you leave a comment on another blog, the blogger can’t reply to you via email. You can visit and click on “Techy Tips” if you want to fix that. This way I can reply to your comments. :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings