Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Editing & Revising Question

        My favorite workshop of the day is Writer's Workshop.  I love to write!  I love to read my students' writing.  I just love everything about it.  Generally speaking my students usually love this time of the day as well.  Love of school/subjects is contagious if you'll let it.  However, the two parts of the writing process that I just can't get the kids excited about it the editing & revising stages.  Last year I tried incorporating colored pencils so that we could see the changes that were being made because after all colored pencils are more fun than regular pencils. The students chose a color when they reread their own work and then their partner chose a different color during their peer conference.  This helped a little bit, but I still noticed that there were a lot of mistakes like misspelled sight words and missing punctuation that I know that the students could have (and should have) fixed prior to our BIG teacher's conference right before publishing.  BUT they didn't.  And I was left with OK-now what?  Enter Target dollar section glasses.  They are clear framed and plastic and came in white, pink, and blue and I was deciding whether I "need" them or not?  I would gladly buy a class set if I thought that it would spark some excitement about the editing & revising stages of the writing process.  So what do you guys think?  Should I take the plunge?  I would probably only buy a few pairs since not everyone would be at the same step in the writing process at the same time.  What about me?  Should I have a pair?  I do not wear actual corrective lenses so they wouldn't interfere and it might spark interest in these steps.  I am asking for your input.  Please do not delay we all know how those Target dollar deals are going, going, gone :)


  1. What a cute idea! If you had a set that would be plenty. You might by a few extras, in case some get broken.
    In terms of editing for spelling. In Notebooking Know How, Aimee Buckner suggests the kids read their writing from the last word to the first word. That way they are looking at each word, and the text isn't supposed to flow. It would be cute to call these the "Backwards Reading Glasses"


  2. Awesome idea Emily, thanks! I'm off to Target (again). :)