Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Great Dollar Tree Finds!

       I have seen many blogs about different classroom themes.  I am a toad-al frog lady at school.  Everything in my classroom is froggy!  But, I do try to also incorporate my school's theme as well.  My school's theme for the upcoming year is "Out of This World" so I have made my very own astronaut frog for my hallway bulletin board.

        I also found some great things at the Dollar Tree.  As we all know the Dollar Tree is a great resource, but the supplies don't last long so you better hurry if you are interested in any of the space related items.  You can see some of the goodies I found below.

        I was thinking about using this in my classroom library because it comes with 25 stars that I want to place my students' pictures and names on and make some sort of cutesy phrase to talk about reading . . . still thinking about that one.
        I already have a frog job chart but this was part of a two pack set and what I REALLY wanted was this reading chart below . . .

       This chart will work out (almost) perfectly to chart my students' progress with our SSYRA books.  There are fifteen books and 15 horizontal rectangles.  There are only 16 diagonal rectangles for names so I was thinking about doubling them up since the space is very wide.

        This sign is double sided so I love the fact that I could hang it with string, ribbon, fishing line, etc... or staple it flat somewhere, the possibilities are endless : )

       I saw these incentive cards and I thought that I would staple them inside of my students' red reading folders.  This way they can track the amount of books that they have read in their folder, which travels back to and from school as well as it being tracked on the wall in our classroom.  This may eliminate the question that parents have wondering how many books their child has read.

        This I have NO idea what to use it for yet.  It is has a place to write in a goal and then twelve space to mark the progress in meeting the goal.  Any suggestions???  I am open to them, I knew that if I waited until I knew what I wanted it for it might no longer be at the Dollar Tree so I went ahead and spent the $1 just in case.  I know big spender, right?!?

        This is not space related but I bought it because I always have the schedule for the day posted but only with the time in its digital version, I loved this because I could also post the time in its analog version as well.  My thought/goal is that it will help my kiddos tell time and see elapsed time more easily.

       This I wanted because I thought that it would be a great getting to know you activity for the beginning of the year, I could post at Open House and there were 20 in the pack for $1 win, win, win!  Sorry, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to turn it, so annoying!

        Last but not least this little dandy.  Also 20 in a pack for $1.  My only wondering is what if my kids didn't go on a trip . . . this may not be $1 well spent, we'll see.

        I hope that you have enjoyed seeing and reading about my Dollar Tree findings.  I also wanted to mention that Pitner's Potpourri is having a give away to celebrate 600 followers!  She is giving away an Amazon gift card so you definitely want to check her blog out so that you can have a chance to win!


  1. Don't you just love the Dollar store?? I call it the $20 Dollar store because I can't leave there without spending a minimum of $20! :)

    I just came across your blog today and I am a new follower!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  2. Oh my goodness, I know what you mean!!! Some of that is me because I am worried that when I see something they might not have whatever it is next time (and sometimes they don't) so I impulse buy a lot of things . . . oh well :)

  3. Nice finds!!! I love the Dollar Tree :) Thanks for linking up!

  4. The Dollar Store is definitely a teacher's dream come true. I too never get out of there for under $20 :) All of the rocket/space themed items you got are super cute. I am following you!

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  5. We just hit the dollar store for cordinating tubs and bins and all the fun storage stuff for our room. Love being able to redo our room and spruce things up for cheap! Love your finds :)
    ~Christy & Tammy