Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last Full Day (with kids)

        Today was my last full day of school with kids, we dismiss at noon tomorrow.  I guess I am getting old because I cannot believe that this school year is over?!?  The time has really flown by!!!  I have had the best bunch of kids and I cannot praise them enough.  I overheard a very funny thing today while my kids were completing their last bucket forms of the year and I was checking agendas.  Two of my students were talking about someone.  I heard one person ask, well what grade do you think she will teach next year?  Another student replied she's too good to move her out of third and I couldn't resist I walked over asked what they were talking about.  Their response melted my heart when they answered that they had been talking about me.  You see there has been lots of talk at my school about my principal making some changes in the teachers and the grade levels that they teach and it has trickled down to the students.  It made me feel so good to know that my group of kids enjoyed their year with me so much that they wanted to go another 180 days with me.  That was so touching that I almost cried.  So then they asked what grade I would be teaching next year and I told them 3rd I heard a room full of uuuhhh (or however you would spell the disappointed sound that someone utters that is not quite a whine) I guess everyone was tuned in at that point.  Then someone said what if we talked to the principal?  I told them that she had already made her decision then someone else said well what if we just stay in 3rd grade?  That was it, my eyes filled with tears and I had to tell them that they needed to go on to 4th and that they would do great and they would just need to come and visit me and then I had to end the conversation for fear of opening the flood gates.  For all of you out there that are still teaching and not on break yet I am wishing you lots of great memories with your kiddos in these last few days/weeks and may you also experience moments where the happy tears come to your eyes!!!

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